June 29, 2008
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Wind farms will be our century’s follies

As a frequent visitor to the Westcountry, I am horrified by the prospect of its wonderful scenery and vistas being ruined with yet more wind turbines.

Only about a century ago MPs were not paid, and wealthy men stood for Parliament because they cared about the country. Today MPs are paid a high salary, claim massive expenses and demand yet more.

I listened to the BBC news to see what exactly is planned and felt more depressed as MPs Brown and Wicks outlined their proposals, and reflected on the fact that these men had just the day before taken away the public’s right to object to any plans which may effect them.

To add to my gloom, my grandson logged on to the BBC website where he played me an interview between a BBC man and a Charles Anglin of the British Wind Energy Association.

Mr Anglin, speaking in a calm soft voice, told the presenter that although wind turbines are very expensive to build, the electricity they produce is very cheap, which is the exact opposite of the truth. He went on to say that when wind power sites start up, the power stations shut down a bit to allow this cheap electricity to be used by us.

He then went on to say that there were many Nimby protest groups, highly organised and funded, that rampaged across the countryside disrupting wind farm planning applications.

I think that people should be aware of how wind farms operate and what really goes on with protesters.

Wind needs back-up and by its very nature cannot be as green as is made out. Contrary to what is said, the wind does not blow strongly enough all the time everywhere to give us reliable power. In fact, at least twice a year no turbine in the UK will be generating more than 15 per cent of its power. The Victorians built follies and it looks as if we will do the same.

As for the protest groups, yes they are everywhere that unwanted turbines are placed, but they do not have any help or finance except what their members give them. They do not travel the country needlessly causing trouble but do share information. All they can usually do is point out the errors and illegalities of planning applications to councils, although this is of little concern to planning inspectors and will count even less from now on.

A survey by Oxford Brookes University concluded that many protesters against wind farms did not live locally. Such people like visiting the Westcountry. Will they still come?

D Pickering


Western Morning News

28 June 2008

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