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Wind farm is ‘one of UK’s worst planning blunders’

In response to Terry Pinder’s letter (Leader June 11) I feel he didn’t quite understand my tongue in cheek comment concerning a wind turbine outside the Chief Executive’s office.

I only became a member of ELDC in May 2007, I supported fully the views of residents at Conisholme that this site was the wrong location for this development.

The CPRE have called it one of the 10 worst planning blunders in the UK and I strongly agree with them. It should never have been allowed in this location, but then residents never had their day in front of a planning inspector to argue their case.

Local government which includes its members and officers must be fully accountable to those who are the paymasters of local councils, wherever they may be.

This current government in London has centralised power and tore up the rule book on civil liberties and it is up to the voters to hold those they elect accountable at every level of government.

Coun Colin Davie
LCC Member for the Ingoldmells Rural Ward and ELDC Executive Board Member

Louth Leader

25 June 2008