June 20, 2008
Prince Edward Island

Utility proposes alternate route for power line

Maritime Electric has drawn up a new route for a proposed wind energy transmission line in western P.E.I.

Some residents expressed concerns with the original plan put forward in March, saying the transmission line would come too close to many homes. Utility spokeswoman Kim Griffin told CBC News Friday the new 66-kilometre route from Howlan to Sherbrooke, just outside of Summerside, will run more across open space.

“Some people said, you know, why haven’t you considered some cross country options versus going along the roadways,” said Griffin.

“We wanted people to know that we’re listening and that we took a look at [that]. So we’ll show them this alternate route and see what they think about it.”

Maritime Electric announced a public meeting for Tuesday night to show residents the new proposal.

Griffin pointed out the original plan was not rejected by the province. It was still going through the approval process.

The new proposal is a few kilometres longer than the first route, but will still cost about the same to build: around $14 million. The new plan would also require provincial approval.

The line is being built to carry electricity from the wind farm at West Cape, most of which is exported. Maritime Electric hopes to have the new transmission line in place by the end of year.

CBC News

20 June 2008

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