June 18, 2008
New York

DEC hosts Galloo Island wind turbine meeting

The plan calls for 90 wind towers just to be placed on Galloo Island, just miles off the Western shore of Jefferson County on Lake Ontario.

Before anything can start, the state DEC office needs to prepare a final Environmental Impact Statement, showing what effect the wind farm would have on the island. That’s why they hosted meetings Tuesday for the public to offer their opinions.

“We really need the citizens to step up and inform us about issues that are important to them that area particular to the region and in general it helps us to develop a better record,” Jack Nasca of the DEC said.

And step up they did. Several people asked the DEC to be aware of several issues like the wildlife, noise and visual harm.

“There’s very little benefit to be gained from building wind turbines. It’s the type of alternative energy which in my opinion is more symbolic than real,” Town of Lyme Planning Board member Albert Bowers said.

There was also concern over the historic areas near Sackets Harbor, like the battlefield, and whether or not they’d be protected and kept visually pleasant.

“The site was given the highest priority for protection because of its significance and threats to the site,” Lou Curth of Sackets Harbor said.

A couple of people spoke out in favor of the plan and wanted the DEC to move forward as soon as possible.

“Anything that spurs economic growth to the area in my mind other than just the few months of summer is a positive thing,” added Vince Battista of Sacket Harbor.

The DEC is still accepting written comments on the environmental scope until June 30th, so if you couldn’t attend these meetings, do that as soon as possible. You can send your comments to Stephen Tomasik of the New York State DEC office at:

625 Broadway
4th floor
Albany, NY 12233

Or you can email him at smtomasi@gw.dec.state.ny.us.

By Brian Dwyer

News 10 Now

17 June 2008

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