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Tax wind industry to ease costs

Through your letters columns – possibly well read by politicians – I offer some advice during these difficult times and daily financial policies which are subject to change according to how close we are to a General Election and/or Government shuffles.

Motoring/transport costs: Reduce the exorbitant tax immediately by saving money in other quarters.

Wind industry companies are being paid enormous sums in subsidy from the taxpayer for useless turbines. They constantly promote their nonsense in applications stating that “they are producing electricity 85 per cent of the time”, but will not state the real truth.

Official figures show that wind farms operate at only 24 per cent on average across the UK, so as the wind industry is so cocksure of itself it is time to put a tax on its performance. It says say 85 per cent, so tax it to the hilt if it does not achieve 60 per cent of full power (and that’s being fair).

No subsidy, and the new tax will be a huge income enabling the disgraceful public losses to be given back to us.

In addition, perhaps wind turbine developments will cease altogether, thus putting back property valuations for those now affected to somewhere near normal. And restoring our landscapes again could encourage more tourists to enjoy our countryside as they used to.

We have to have a policy of not allowing something to be built that doesn’t work. Taking them down altogether could also mean fewer tablets being taken by those suffering from the noise and stress, with less financial burden on NHS funds.

All savings could also be used to push forward eco housing without wind turbine problems, and made affordable for young people.

The wind industry could even diversify into becoming the builders and investors with the money it has had from us.

As climate change has suddenly been said “not to happen for another five years beyond former speculation”, it is convenient for gathering together our wasted money in other directions.

EU savings: New Labour is now sending £41 million a day to the European Union.

Withdraw this funding of other countries, and invest it in our own country.

It is noticeable that the more we pay into EU funds, the more immigrants we get, and with all their handouts from our public purse, we are caught up in economic crossfire from all directions.

Perhaps we should create a Commonsense Parliament instead of the current one, and let it be run by top business personnel instead of party politics and civil servants.

A “Buy British” campaign worked once before. The Prime Minister has already said “British jobs for British workers” so he obviously believes in Britain. Or does he?

Put a heavy tax on all foreign companies operating in the British Isles and re-create British industry – or perhaps it’s even time to have an English Parliament instead of being run by Scots and the EU.

Alan J Nunn

St Austell

Western Morning News

10 June 2008