June 9, 2008
New Zealand, Press releases

Spout hard data, not hot air

Energy corporations must front up with hard data if the public is to believe their heady claims about wind power.

“Instead we are seeing companies like TrustPower fudge and stall on providing meaningful wind monitoring data at controversial sites – lest the public and Environment Court see through their claims that they will be ‘powering thousands of homes’ with oft-becalmed turbines,” says Save Central spokesperson Grahame Sydney.

“These schemes will do little to help security of supply: they are being promoted to suit faux clean-green imagery, will industrialise unspoiled landscapes, and the consumers will pay a hefty price.

“When will these profit-oriented corporates begin to realise that some landscapes in this country have a value beyond money? Put smaller wind farms in uncontentious landscapes where the land is already seriously modified; and invest in reliable base-load energy.”

Press Release: Save Central


10 June 2008

URL to article:  https://www.wind-watch.org/news/2008/06/09/spout-hard-data-not-hot-air/