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Wind project should put promises in writing

Those who support the Beaver Ridge Wind project in Freedom will tell you not to reinstate the commercial ordinance.

But ask yourself, “Why don’t they want it”?

They’ve promised to comply with our ordinance, so why insist on not having it? Would you buy a $30,000 car without demanding that the warranty be in writing?

Would you take the “good word” of the car dealership because your neighbor’s nephew was a salesman for the dealership?

I know I wouldn’t. Well, that’s exactly what we’re doing if we don’t reinstate this ordinance; we’ll be taking the word of a man we don’t know, and possibly putting the abutters and the entire community at risk by doing so.

If they will repair road damage, decommission turbines, install fire suppression units and reduce noise, why have they fought so hard to be rid of this ordinance that requires them to do these things?

Had they made these promises in writing to the appeals board, their original permit would’ve stood. But they didn’t do that; instead, they made these promises in a non-binding letter to the town when asking us to remove our ordinance. Why choose this track if they are willing to honor our ordinance?

If you won’t reinstate this ordinance on the grounds that the abutters deserve protection, then reinstate to protect yourself from damaged roads and higher taxes. Someone has to pay to make road repairs and remove these turbines.

Why should the people of Freedom foot this bill?

Carrie Bennett


Morning Sentinel

2 June 2008