May 31, 2008

Turbines firm face to face with opposition

Anxious protestors attended an exhibition of a planned wind farm near Cumwhinton.

The Newlands Windfarm exhibition – held in the village hall – was put on by Bolsterstone plc and featured designs for three turbines.

The turbines could be up to 115ft tall and residents are concerned about the effect on the surroundings.

Alison Stamper, who is organising an action group, has lived in the village for 30 years.

If the turbines are given the go-ahead they will be a few hundred feet from her home.

Alison said: “It is early days and we are just getting a feel of it but I know that a lot of people in the village are unhappy. We also have support from neighbouring villages like Cotehill, Scotby and Wetheral.

“If the turbines go ahead they will ruin the local area. This is a really quiet village and we do not want it spoiling.”

Bob Cochrane, from Cumwhinton, said: “We have no objections to windfarms but the location for this one is just wrong.

“There is a man selling his cottage for £450,000, if these get built he will end up with nowhere near this amount.

“They have a massive effect, but they are of no benefit to us. I don’t think we’ll see electricity prices fall or see a positive effect on our house prices.

“I don’t see anything wrong with putting them by the motorway.”

Mike Corker, director of Bolsterstone, said: “We want to listen to as many people as possible during the consultation.

“Generally we find that the people who come to the exhibitions are the ones that are most concerned.

“We also find that we get many letters of support for the scheme. I think people realise that energy-wise things cannot continue like they are and we must look for alternatives.”

Bolsterstone will submit a planning bid in June.

They say the wind turbines could generate enough power for up to 4,300 homes.

If permission is granted the Newlands Windfarm could start generating electricity in 2010 and run for 25 years. A community fund of around £15,000 per year – a total of £375,000 – would be set up to be spent on improving local facilities or energy efficiency in the community, or be put towards educational projects.

An online consultation website has been set up by Bolsterstone at

By Keir Mudie

News & Star

31 May 2008

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