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Wind farm debate

The recess is literally over.

Woodford County’s board meeting resumed but this time with name-calling and in fighting.

The controversial wind farm projects that shutdown last week’s board meeting. Once again brought out area residents on both sides of the issue.

But at the meeting some folks made a point to voice their disapproval of the wind farm and members of the board.

News 25’s Syreeta Baker has the story.

Tension was high at Woodford County’s board meeting.

For the first half hour of the meeting some of the 15 members of the Woodford County board exchanged verbal blows.

Those exchanges centered on the alleged manipulation of the agenda.

“That’s the sad part is actually the special use permit for the wind farm has kind of taken a back seat with me right now.

It’s the actions of this board, the ethics, the integrity and honesty going on. You can see personal agenda’s moving on and that is what bothers me the most,” says Herb Arbuckle.

For those who are trying to build these wind farms near the El Paso area they say this is all a part of the process.

“It seems like some are trying to adhere to process.

There can be arguments to whether that’s fair or not but at the end of the day it seems like folks are trying to follow the process and the process just get a little bit gray at times,” says Ward Marshall.

A gray process that after much debate made the agenda.

Attorney Ray Lewis who represents the wind farm developers says if they have enough votes to make the agenda they have enough votes to pass it.

Leading to a disappointment for the Mayor of El Paso.

In Eureka Syreeta Baker News 25.

WEEK News 25

29 May 2008