May 28, 2008
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Save Central

A message for us all from Grahame Sydney:

Monday 19 May was the first day of the David and Goliath battle between energy giant Meridian Energy and landscape protection groups such as the Maniototo Environment Society and Central Otago Environmental Society. These groups are supported by an umbrella organisation, Save Central.

Save Central believes in the value of New Zealand’s landscapes. It wants to protect the beauty and naturalness of our country for future generations of New Zealanders. The aims of power-generating companies will destroy that hope with gigantic and inappropriate commercial developments such as Meridian’s Project Hayes Wind Farm in the heart of Central Otago.

Save Central believes New Zealand’s special landscapes should be protected from industrialisation. Many of us have dedicated months of our personal time and income to oppose the devastation of New Zealand’s outstanding landscapes for questionable, short-term gain. The legal and professional fees to oppose Project Hayes in the Environment Court amount to more than $200,000 and more money will be required to engage the public in a nationwide debate regarding our energy future.

We call upon you to help Save Central in two ways:
1. By making a financial contribution to Save Central. The old dictum applies: every dollar counts. If 10,000 people contribute $25, we have $250,000. Some will be able to donate more – perhaps $100 or $1,000. Please, please donate at least $25. Your contribution will go directly to the Save Central fighting fund and be acknowledged with a tax-deductible receipt. Save Central is transparent and accountable; please contact us for further details regarding our structure and organisation.
2. Forward this letter to your friends, family and acquaintances. We need all those who care about New Zealand’s special landscapes, to join the fight to protect them. Our website provides the information needed to understand what we are about and what we aim to do. So, learn more about Save Central and make your donation by visiting

Help us protect the New Zealand you love. We need your help, and now is the time.


I’ve done my bit. Now it’s your turn. You can also contribute by buying via the website an autographed copy of Grahame’s print Hawkdun Spring (that’s it above), a snip at $159.95. All proceeds go to the campaign.


28 May 2008

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