May 18, 2008
Letters, Wisconsin

Brownsville doesn’t like their turbines

Give some credit to Calumet County for putting limits on 400-foot wind turbines. Perhaps they have seen how the landscape has been trashed at Johnsburg. Permanently!

Now if the politicians in Chilton could start working with the solar energy companies, they could set a good example for the rest of this area. They will have to initiate some kind of energy program before our governor and his wind crowd take revenge.

Here, near the Brownsville project (Fond du Lac County), we have not heard a good word about the turbines that are operating. The complaints vary from resignation to outright fury! “We didn’t know they would be that big or this close.” There is surprise at the amount of noise from the blades.

Then, when the sun goes down, each tower turns on its red flashing beacon. The towers are a 24-hour-a-day pain.

No trespassing signs are posted at the service roads, effectively ending hunting.

We have been trying to negotiate a relocation of some of the planned turbines near our home. The latest word is that they don’t have a plan ready. Makes one wonder what they are doing with “Plan A.”

Once again, if these promoters would install lower profile turbines, as found in California wind groups, about the height of our old farm windmills, most problems would go away. No blade noise, a hum from the generator, no red lights at night, even suitable in the back yard. We ourselves have space for some, on our own land.

Phil Delfeld


Tri-County News

16 May 2008

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