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I suggest most people think they’re an eyesore

I would like to thank the councillors for taking the trouble to reply to my letter published in the Journal.

Obviously I stand by my thoughts, but at least it caught their attention. Previously I had little knowledge about these money-making monstrosities called turbines other than there unsightliness. Then planning application no. 1/0242/2008/FUL was placed before Torridge District Council to build two or more 100 metre high turbines in the Yeo Valley west of Parkham. The more I delve into the facts the more I realise how distorted they are in favour of those who want to build them.

Deliberately ludicrous, well… maybe a bit tongue in cheek.

I can appreciate the reasons for the councillors not liking unwanted turbine schemes dumped in their rural location. So I must assume that they are against the idea of imposing them on other people and I look forward to their support in rejecting the application for erecting turbines in the Yeo Valley and elsewhere in North Devon.

The councillors’ plans I can also understand. The council tax raised from private property and commercial development would be considerable compared with any from turbines which only give a return to the owners. No tax on an eyesore. Yet. Although adding a granny flat could shift one’s tax band.

Reading through the Journal it struck me how modern technology has advanced over the years, particularly with colour photographs and the way they are used.

Consider the colour photographs heading the columns on the Letters pages of the Journal April 10 and 17 editions. Both attractive photographs of turbines against a nice sky, similar to those ‘green’ adverts on television.

What rose tinted spectacles! No houses.Yet look through the Journal’s pages including the estate agents, lots of beautiful views: that’s right, no turbines.

This way of thinking suggests to me that turbines are an eyesore for the majority of people, and that everyone knows it but does not want to admit it.




Western Morning News

15 May 2008