May 15, 2008

Eishken’s advisors disagree on negative impact

The discrepencies of opinion between advisors on the same side of a contencious major wind farm was rammed home at a public inquiry today (wed).

Financier Nicholas Oppenheim wants to build 53 massive turbines at Eishken on Lewis with over half the machines in a national scenic area (NSA).

The remit of the inquiry has a tight focus on the NSA verus the economic benefits.

Louise Cockburn for SNH suggested that Mr Oppenheim hired Phillip Roden to replace Land Use Consultants which, in a important revealation for the inquiry, highlighted in a report it would have an signifcant negative impact on the NSA.

On the other hand Mr Rodden insists its overall integrity would not be compromised.

He also claimed that some people would perceive land by a windfarm to be wild despite the presence of roads and human activity.

A spin-off to the massive scheme would be free sites for a high profile community windfarm but it was previously stated that villagers needed £ 12 million to buy the turbines.

Hebrides News

14 May 2008

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