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Windfarm will blow peace away

The proposed Armistead wind farm site may well have one of the poorest access routes in Cumbria. We hope residents of Oxenholme and Old Hutton are fully aware of the implications. The construction site located near the M6 off the B6254 will bring 12 months of noise and road safety concerns for over 500 residents living close to the favoured route.

The favoured construction traffic route is through Oxenholme and Old Hutton. An estimated 10,000 vehicle movements will be required, 2,000 HGVs and 8,000 smaller vehicles (5,000 in /5,000 out). During the continuous pouring of the concrete, one day a month over six months, 116 HGV moments will be required per day.

Construction would take place seven days a week from 7am to 7pm. Giant low loaders will be required to bring in the six towers and turbines. Parts of the access roads may have to smoothed out and enlarged which will damage the character of the roads.

It is proposed that all HGV construction traffic will have to travel two way through Oxenholme and on the winding and hilly B6254 past Old Hutton School. Both areas narrowed to single lane in places by parked cars.

We currently have 6,000 HGVs travelling annually one way to Holmescales quarry using the same route. All HGVs have to cross the white line to get round sharp bends intimidating drivers of smaller vehicles and reducing the quality of life for communities on the route. It is now difficult to safely walk, cycle or horse ride along the B6254 due to the growth in HGV traffic, extra wind farm traffic will make it impossible.

Old Hutton suffers from being part of the corridor between two national parks. It has already had to endure much disruption and upset due to major installations, Holmescales Quarry, electric substation, fibre optic cable, Water main and currently more major works to install the electric cable from Middleshaw to Oxenholme Railway station. We are prepared to accept a certain amount of development but we think we have had enough.
Mr and Mrs Winders

Old Hutton

PEOPLE living in Old Hutton fear six wind turbines will blow away any remaining tranquillity in the area. I agree. The unhappy residents who live near the proposed site claim the company has picked the wrong area.

The turbines should be built on commercial land far away from the countryside and homes, or if not that then the government should develop the technology of turbines under/in the sea to harness the power of the waves. This is a continuous force, whereas wind power is not constant.

The Banks project’ will have a devastating visual impact on the surrounding countryside. The turbine propellers will be larger than a jumbo jet. However, jumbo jets fly away but these 18 propellers will be flying over the countryside forever, unless we can make a change and stop them! Not only that but these turbines will be higher than the Angel of the North (by at least five times) it will be taller than the Lambrigg wind turbines and also St. Paulfs Cathedral in London, which is 300ft.

As a regular walker over the Helm/Underhelm/back of Helm I will be disappointed at the view if the turbines are approved.The Helm is a community treasure to people of Kendal and is irreplaceable.

Also the proposal to bring the turbine sections and blades through Oxenholme will cause major disruption in Oxenholme and Old Hutton, which is already a congested road due to parking problems at the railway station. There is also excessive quarry traffic through the village already.

When I visit my father, who lives in Old Hutton, near to the proposed site, there will be little bird life. It will no longer be peaceful and the tranquillity of the area will be changed forever.

It will be destroying the scenery and spoiling the natural beauty.

I hope that my comments will influence people all over Kendal and elsewhere to protest against the development of the wind farm on land of east Crosslands farm.
Louise Thompson (aged 14)


The Westmorland Gazette

14 May 2008