May 14, 2008

Wind farm plans tweaked

The company behind the town’s first wind farm has formally applied to build two wind turbines, reaching up to 125 metres high, in Burtonwood.

Wind Direct Limited has been in consultation with the council and residents living in the area and earlier this year held a public exhibition of the plans before putting in the planning application to Warrington Borough Council.

The changes are being made at the farm as its owners want to diversify into other areas.

The development would be made up of two wind turbines instead of three, which Wind Direct Limited had originally planned, at the Causeway Bridges Farm in Burtonwood.

The change was made following a public consultation in January where a number of people voiced their concerns over one of the turbines, which was originally based close to Alder Lane.

A spokesman from the company said: “Following consultation with the community, Wind Direct removed one turbine from the plans to reduce the visual impact of the scheme for residents of Burtonwood.”

The power generated from the two turbines would be used to supply businesses based near to the farm and any additional energy created would be fed into the National Grid and Wind Direct say that they would have a lifespan of 20 years, after which they would be either refurbished or decommisioned.

The energy made from both turbines should generate enough clean, green electricity to power 2,236 homes.

By Vicki Stockman

This Is Cheshire

14 May 2008

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