May 9, 2008
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The wind of change — not here thanks

HgCapital, the private equity group, is in trouble with the residents of the Weald of Kent over the possible funding of a wind turbine in their back yard. The Kent Weald Action Group has a website devoted to the protest, and accuses Hg of being socially irresponsible in siting the turbine within 600m of many people’s homes. “We have provided them with evidence of how people’s lives have been totally blighted elsewhere by having turbines built too close to their homes.” Hg counters: “This is a valuable project which benefits the environment. We’ve listened to KWAG’s complaints, but there are a number of inaccuracies on their website.”

Alas, what has happened here is that Hg has made the mistake of taking on the prosperous middle classes rather than the usual crofters and crusties. The man behind the campaign is a former investment banker, I understand, and the protestors have a sophisticated computer graphics expert on board, as the mock-up pictures of how the turbine would look make clear. Best Not In Their Back Yard, perhaps?

Martin Waller: City Diary

Times Online

9 May 2008

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