May 9, 2008
California, Letters

Not much is generated

When talking about wind power, most eyes just glaze over and when I tell them that the more than 4,000 windmills in the San Gorgonio Pass about only generate about 100+/- Megawatts per year (Edison uses 13,000 MW) and the wind is only good enough to generate 14 percent to 20 percent of the time, they stare in disbelief. How can that be when the developers tell us they can provide power for thousands of homes? They can’t. You are being duped. It’s simply a way to make you part with your money.

Because wind is not constant, windmills can only generate kWh randomly. They can’t provide power for even one home!

Only 6 percent of their pathetic production is when we need it. But, exactly what are 100+/- MW going to for our power supply?

In fact, the utilities have to back this up with reliable sources. The bottom line is that wind is a duplication of power that the utilities have to have available. So we are paying not only double, but quadruple, with all the grids that are being built.

Alexandra Weit

The Desert Sun

9 May 2008

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