May 8, 2008
Letters, Maryland

Who is more trustworthy?

My apologies to Frank Maisano (the paid promoter for wind developers) for striking a nerve in my letter to the editor two weeks ago, which according to Mr. Maisano, contained “hard to stomach accusations,” “vicious reactions,” “name calling,” and “scare tactics.”

Wow, I pulled the letter out, reviewed it, and found no accusations, no viciousness, no name calling, and no scare tactics. What I did find was a factual summary of how Garrett County could remove the threat of hundreds of wind turbines blanketing our mountain ridges by simply enacting a performance zoning ordinance. But, since in Mr. Maisano’s words, I “can’t be trusted by regular well-meaning folks,” I would question who had the more credible argument.

Frank Maisano’s job, for which he is well-paid, is to trick communities and local officials into believing that erecting hundreds of wind turbines throughout Garrett County will somehow make life better here. It is a job repeatedly performed by him and other industry-financed promoters in rural areas throughout the country. When they are successful, the wind turbines go up, wind developer promises are quickly broken, lives are ruined, and communities are devastated.

My job, for which I am paid nothing and have no financial interest, is to attempt to educate people concerning the reality of this fundamentally exploitative business and the consequences of succumbing to its false promises. I would urge those who don’t think it’s anything to worry about to visit some of the communities in New York and Pennsylvania that have suffered the consequences of wind development on a much smaller scale than is planned for Garrett County. Then decide who is the more trustworthy.

Vincent A. Collins


The Republican

8 May 2008

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