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Industry spokesman a deceptive corporate hack

I find it absolutely appalling that Clipper, Criterion, and the industrial wind power lobby would employ Frank Maisano as their spokesperson and continue to condone his vicious and personal attack ads and letters in this and other media.

Hundreds of local citizens have participated in free government, testifying with facts, petitioning for redress, seeking solutions, and “big wind” has the unmitigated gall to respond through their pit bull Maisano with smear and personal attack.

We had a taste of Mr. Maisano’s deceptive newspaper ads during the public land wind turbine hearings. One needs to simply Google his name and you will be able to link hundreds of sites with stories of how Maisano plies his trade, spinning fanciful tales of the blessing of “big wind,” personally criticizing the sensibility, motives, and values of the opposition along the way.

I cannot fathom why our county commissioners are still in bed with this bunch or why they continue to assist and partner with any industry that so viciously attacks local citizens and voters. All Garrett Countians should now recognize that Maisano and others like him represent the selfish and condescending corporate attitude of “big wind.” The truth is that they couldn’t care less about us, or anything else, but their own profits.

Will the commissioners not publicly denounce Frank Maisano’s ongoing attacks and misinformation, and tell “big wind’s big gun” to ply his trade elsewhere?

Dave McRobie


The Republican

8 May 2008