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Fenland campaign group’s statement following consultation meeting

Marshland Wind Farm Ltd has yet again chosen to portray a hugely distorted view of events, claims anti turbine group FLAT.

“It is therefore necessary to set the record straight!” said a statement issued today.

“Lyndon Mason the Chairman of FLAT attended the consultation meeting at Marshland St James last Thursday with a view to try and find out the facts that the developers would rather you didn’t know.

“Such as the turbines that they are proposing to build DO NOT YET EXIST!! The Enercon E82 is only currently available in a 2MW version with the 3MW model (the model proposed for Marshland Fen) only being at the prototype stage.

“This means that people in this locality will be “Guinea Pigs” for untried technology. Mr Mason was amicably discussing this fact with a representative from the Developers when Ian Robinson (the consultant who doesn’t consult!!) rudely interrupted the conversation.

“He then continued in his usual antagonistic manner (as already shown to the 350 people at our first Public meeting last May) and was particularly rude to Mr Mason making a number of accusations against him. Mr Robinson continued to get even more aggressive and was actually told to calm down by his boss. Members of the public who were present told Mr Robinson exactly what they thought of his behaviour which seemed to wind him up even more.

“At this stage Mr Mason left the building to answer a mobile phone call and was then refused re-entry after being told he was being “disruptive”. A conversation ensued between Mr Robinson and David Markinson (the local Borough councillor) who wanted to know why one of his Parishioners was being denied access to a Public Meeting. Mr Robinson in his usual insulting way, continued to try and lie his way out of the situation and concluded by calling Mr Mason “a silly bugger”.

“However FLAT are pleased to be able to report that Mr Mason was allowed to attend the Tilney consultation meeting on Friday, where he was able to continue his previous conversation with the representative from the Developers without being interrupted by Mr Robinson. A lot of information was gained from this conversation and once the distraction of the behaviour of Ian Robinson has been put to bed, we at FLAT will be making this information public.

“We at FLAT (and probably the Press) would be interested to hear about your experience at the consultation events, especially what you thought of the “quality” of answers given to any of your questions. Did you have the opportunity to give your written views on Thursday or did you arrive after 6:30 by which time they had conveniently run out of consultation forms!!!”

FLAT can be contacted via our website i.e. www.flat-group.co.uk.