May 2, 2008
Letters, Scotland

Tests for approval of wind farm plans

James Stuart rightly says local authorities pay little attention to tests for approval of wind farm plans (‘Letters’, April 25), but then neither does the Government or Executive.

On March 18 a Parliamentary committee wrote to the Government Chief Scientific Officer, inviting her to “…consider whether the relevant Scottish planning policy and environmental impact assessment regulations require amendment to ensure that consideration of wind turbine vibration impact is fully considered during each wind farm application, and what plans it has to commission detailed research into this matter and the long-term impacts of such vibrations”.

Despite repeated enquiry, Professor Anne Glover hasn’t responded to my suggestions for how to deal with this brand new, serious potential problem.

Should my worst fears be realised, peat bog such as the Dava Moor are in danger of absolute destruction.

Flooding will increase; rotting sludge pouring down waterways devastate tourism and business interests such as whisky, bottled waters etc.

No one is prepared to indemnify business or taxpayers against such losses.

Highland and Moray councils also persist in ignoring my letters.

It seems the only thing local authorities and the Government care about is meeting their targets for renewables. – Yours etc,

Dixie Dean (Prof Emeritus), Honorary Lecturer, European Centre for Professional Ethics.

The Northern Scot

2 May 2008

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