April 23, 2008

Norfolk MPs express turbine fears

Conservative MPs representing seats in Norfolk have expressed opposition to plans for new wind farms in the county.

Keith Simpson, Conservative MP for Mid Norfolk, told the House of Commons that plans for turbines at Guestwick have already been rejected three times.

But he fears that a legal obligation to provide more renewable energy could lead to the plans being forced through.

Business minister Pat McFadden denied Mr Simpson’s claim that turbine developers receive subsidies.

Bitter divisions

Mr McFadden highlighted the subsidy available to the public to help prepare submissions during the planning process.

However, other Conservative MPs highlighted their fears over the effect that new wind farms could have on their constituencies.

MP for North West Norfolk, Henry Bellingham, described how bitterly a proposal at Marshland St James has divided the community and branded onshore wind farms “uneconomical”.

Richard Bacon, MP for South Norfolk, said opponents are having to fund their own campaigns.

He went on to criticise what he termed the “potential despoiling of the landscape”.

Christopher Fraser, MP for South West Norfolk, complained that his constituents may be asked to put up with the noise and “visual impact” of extra turbines while receiving no benefits in the way of lower energy bills.

Mr McFadden said Britain needs both onshore and offshore wind farms, and refused to promise any special benefits for people living nearby.

BBC News

22 April 2008

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