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Wind-power partnerships funding terrorists

British Petroleum and Acciona Spain are both in business partnerships with other companies that provide technical and financial support to Iran. The support their business partners provide enables Iran to develop weapons of mass destruction and to further its nuclear ambitions.

BP’s offending partner: ENI, a major Italian energy company. BP and ENI are currently developing a $4 billion to $5 billion liquefied natural gas plant in Soyo, Angola, expected to start production in 2012.

ENI has invested nearly $4 billion in oil and gas ventures in Iran and is also in technical violation of the Iran Libya sanction act.

Acciona’s offending partner: Alcatel, a leading French telecommunications company. Acciona’s construction division and Alcatel are partners in EnComPAs2, a consortium formed to develop communication platforms (objective: European telecommunications superiority; budget $1 billion.)

Alcatel invested nearly $300 million in terror supporting countries in the past five years. Alcatel is providing Iran with data transmission and switching network capabilities, including hardware, software and training for Iranian companies. They are also installing undersea fiber optic cables in Iran, Sudan and Libya. They completed major fiber optic projects for Saddam Hussein despite U.S. government warnings. Alcatel also has the potential for transfers of technology or sensitive information to other countries with which they have business dealings: Burma, China, Iran, North Korea and Syria.

If British Petroleum and Acciona Spain are allowed to build their massive industrial wind complexes in our communities, will they end their partnerships with these companies that enable terrorism? If the consequences of our war on terror were shared with the foreign companies British Petroleum and Acciona Spain, would they show an allegiance to our people and our country or is their only allegiance to money? Are we expendable for their bottom line? We are powerless as to whom they do business with. Our only power is in choosing what kind of people we do business with. These foreign industrial giants consistently demonstrate corporate and moral irresponsibility. Their partners are enabling terrorism purely for profit. Ultimately their profit is our loss.

We are gambling our future away for their bottom line. The big question is who will their next partners be?

Kathryn Hludzenski

Watertown Daily Times

22 April 2008