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Wind farm coverage

I find it hard to believe how little coverage was given to the Environment Court hearing on Allco-owned Motorimu Wind Farm Ltd over the last two weeks.

This is the last clear ridge line in the Manawatu, and the only thing of importance to the Manawatu Standard was Mr Rennie’s opening blurb.

What was not heard was how few benefits would be gained from this wind farm at a national level, when compared to the significant negative environmental impacts on the local community, how Allco is currently selling off assets in order to survive, and that it is trading well under a dollar at the moment.

There was an obvious lack of concern shown by the applicant toward the local community, including more than 45 households within 2km of the proposed extended wind farm and 30 within 1.5km.

But, most importantly of all, you missed out on the opportunity to hear real life evidence of how people living 3km from Tararua 3 are being kept awake at night by that wind farm.

This is the reason for the apathetic attitude of Palmerston North residents toward these structures. When they are placed too close to people’s houses, the negative effects are immense. They do provide renewable energy at a cost. These negative impacts need to be discussed openly in the public forum and proper guidelines put in place when it comes to placement of these wind farms. People do matter!

T Paewai Palmerston North

Manawatu Standard

23 April 2008