April 16, 2008
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Village referendum on wind turbine proposals

The parishioners of Parkham have called, under the government enabling act of 1972, for a referendum to be held on April 24 in the hall at Parkham on whether the planning application, (1/0242/2008/FUL), to build two or more 100-metre high turbines in the Yeo Valley west of their village should be rejected.

I have read the applicants’ press release and it does nothing more than describe all the benefits that will go to a business empire and farmers that have been persuaded to sign over their milk quotas in order to make cheese. The 34 farms from near and far will be paid a premium that, according to the press release, will average per year some £10.000-£30,000 each.

The loss of value for the properties around these turbines will far exceed this figure with no compensation. Not one word is written about the residents around the village whose lives will be permanently blighted by the sight and sound of these money making monstrosities.

It is commonly accepted that the efficiency of turbines is less than 30 per cent. When the wind is too weak or too strong, maintenance etc.

The release states that 80-90 per cent of the electricity that will be generated will be used “in house” and none will be put in to the grid. Assuming that the 30 per cent figure is correct, who supplies the power when the turbines are not generating, and who pays for this facility?

I am not against renewable energy, I just do not agree with the way that private individuals can erect turbines for their own benefit without any consideration for the people who live around the area. Residents who vote at the referendum should vote YES to reject this application.

D.J.Hicks, Limebury Cross, Parkham.

North Devon Gazette

16 April 2008

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