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'You can't deliver turbines through our town'

Plans to transport windfarm components through a Powys town by lorry have been criticised by the local county councillor.

Stephen Hayes, Powys County Councillor for Montgomery, said he is concerned at plans to transport parts for the proposed Llanbadarn Fynydd Windfarm through the market town of Montgomery.

The proposed windfarm will have 17 turbines which will be 126.5 metres from the ground to the blade tip. And Montgomery is one of a number of towns which could be affected.

Eight vehicles are required to deliver the components for each full turbine. Given that there are 17 turbines proposed on the site, a total of 136 loads would be delivered, resulting in 272 two-way trips.

If Montgomery is selected as part of the route the lorries would be required to travel along the already crowded Prince Street.

Cllr Hayes said he is concerned about the disruption deliveries would cause to the lives of residents and possibly the physical damage large lorries could cause to Montgomery.

He said: “Most people do not know this is happening, this is what worries me.

“I would rather they did not come here, it will be very disruptive for the life of the town. If they come through in the day all other activities will have to cease and if they come during the night the noise will be atrocious.”

Cllr Hayes said he believes Montgomery would be a wholly unsuitable route for the deliveries.

“I’m concerned about people living here,” he said, “their houses are right on the street. To come up here they will have to clear all the traffic on the road which will cause disruption.

“I am also concerned about damage to the fabric of Montgomery, it is one of Montgomeryshire’s most spectacular towns in terms of architecture.”

Cllr Hayes said he will be lobbying to ensure Montgomery is not used as a transport route.

He said: “I will be lobbying the Department of the Environment myself and the town council. If they use this road for this application it will be used for other applications.

“It is an unsuitable route, and I am calling on them to consider using alternative routes.”

By Dominic Robertson

County Times

8 April 2008