April 8, 2008
Prince Edward Island

Howlan Road resident worries what will come next if new line goes ahead

Bill Costain feels he was caught off guard when Maritime Electric started planning a transmission line from the West Cape find farm to its substation in Howlan.

Costain lives across the road from the substation and is a member of the Howlan Road group opposed to the high-voltage line passing in front of their homes.

Costain plans to attend public consultative meetings Maritime Electric has scheduled for today and Wednesday to review plans for a 138,000 volt, 200 megawatt transmission line to run from Howlan to Sherbrooke.

“They got it to our place; they have to take it further,” Costain said of the utility’s need to transmit the wind farm’s electricity for export.

He said utility customers along the proposed transmission route have received letters from Maritime Electric advising them of the plans.

Howlan Road residents have been trying to convince Maritime Electric to move the line installed in front of their home, expressing fears the electromagnetic field the 138,000-volt line gives off could cause health problems.

While the proposed line won’t be in front of the homes of Howlan Road residents, Costain said it could impact residents between Howlan and Sherbrooke. He did a tour Friday and counted 84 residential properties along the proposed route.

Costain worries the new line could have additional impact on Howlan Road eventually, pointing out the utility is building the line with capacity to handle future wind power development.

That power would have to get to Howlan by some means, he stressed.

By Eric McCarthy

Journal Pioneer

8 April 2008

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