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March 13, 2008

Wind farm planners say protesters keeping people away

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The consortium planning a wind farm in the Fens claim protesters around village halls are keeping people away from an exhibition of their plans.

In a statement issued today, the Marshland Wind Farm spokesman, Ian Robinson, said that “so far I can report that we have had a very encouraging response to the public consultation.

“It has been disappointing for our consultation that some members of the public have not entered the exhibition due to the presence of FLAT members around the entrance. Some of the visitors have been verbally abused in the car park by the FLAT members for showing any level of interest or support for the proposals.

“The MSJ consultation event will be held on Friday. We would hope and prefer that the last of the exhibition events should be a consultation event without this type of interference

“We understand and respect that protest groups have a right to make their own views known, but we would ask that before making accusations they confirm what they are producing is correct.

“One such instance is the accusation that we did not consult in Tilney St. Lawrence.

The fact is MWFL did approach the village hall booking secretary and were refused on the basis that “The village hall is fully booked during the period of the consultation and beyond”

“MWFL was as disappointed as the protest group, as we would have liked to consult the public on how any Community Energy Fund may be distributed and who by! Perhaps Tilney would like a new village hall?

“There is of course the ‘small matter’ of approximately £500,000 from the Community Fund (Paid for exclusively by the developers of the wind farm) to pay for environmental improvements! The suggestions for this amazing gigantic windfall are now pouring in, to add to those received a year ago and those suggestions will be made available as part of the Environmental Impact Statement.. We would also like more suggestions from teenagers in the villages, this would be most welcome. If you are in your teens and live in the village come and talk to us on Friday. Other areas have used funds to build five a side pitches, tennis courts etc.

“Some ill informed ‘grown-ups’ seem to disregard the fund and say the amount is “peanuts”. We believe a significant amount of money coming into the turbine community on an annual basis can only be good for the majority of residents within the community.

The Wisbech Standard

13 March 2008

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