February 28, 2008

Wind turbine plans spin into problems

A second wind turbine next to Whitemoor Prison has hit a set back after a council planning officer ordered an environmental study to assess its impact.

Caroline Rachlin told developer Snowmountain Enterprises that the turbine “would be likely to have a significant impact on the environment by virtue of the nature and size of the proposal.”

Ms Rachlin said key matters needing to be considered include the visual cumulative impact when considering surrounding turbines, wildlife, including bat roosts and migrating birds, and the potential for noise and shadow flicker.

Snowmountain’s boss, Councillor Peter Skoulding, has been told by Ms Rachlin that the application for the second turbine – on land south of Foundry Way- would be refused without the study.

In the meantime, the proposal will be suspended until the environmental paperwork is received.

Cllr Skoulding said: “We did an environmental impact study for our first turbine. Does it really make any difference doing another one?”

He added: “If Fenland want to refuse the application, they should just refuse it. If they want an environmental study, why not approve the application subject to the study?

“Our first project is hugely successful and we have a lot of the facilities which can be used for a second.

“People seem to be concerned about the amount of noise turbines make. But our blades are specially designed and are silent as they turn in the wind. They don’t make any noise at all.”

Council Leader, Cllr Geoff Harper confirmed that a study commissioned by Fenland to consider future applications for turbines was due to be published shortly. The council has already approved nearly 40 turbines with many more applications in the pipeline.

Cambs Times

28 February 2008

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