February 28, 2008

Tazewell County to go with FAA wind tower height rules

Tazewell County eliminated its own height restriction on wind towers and will abide with Federal Aviation Administration rules, the County Board decided tonight.

Board members voted to remove a previous height restriction from its wind farm ordinance that capped wind towers at 300 feet tall, replacing that limit with whatever guidelines are in place by the FAA.

The change is in anticipation of a proposed $120 million wind farm project by Houston-based renewable energy company Horizon Wind Energy.

The project would be Tazewell County’s first commercial wind farm and would cover more than 11,000 acres of farm land straddling Tazewell and Logan counties just east of Interstate 155.

But questions about fees per tower and which county agency will regulate them are still up in the air.

By Kevin Sampier

Peoria Journal Star

27 February 2008

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