February 26, 2008
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No need for wind cluster in valley

We are writing regarding a proposal brought to Parkham Parish Council to erect a wind cluster in the valley of the River Yeo. This proposal was made by Mr Peter Willes of Parkham Cheese Factory and the cluster, which he assures us is at present only two turbines, will be on his land at Sedborough Farm and will be for his personal use for the benefit of his factory and his farms and the farms which supply milk to his cheese factory.

The wind turbines will each be over 100 metres in height and will each emit 102 decibels, causing no end of problems to the residents at Broad Parkham, Parkham Village itself, and to ourselves.

We are very concerned at this prospect and cannot understand how one man (who does not live in Parkham but in Woolsery) can propose such an idea without any regard to the actual residents of Parkham, Broad Parkham, Parkham Ash, Horns Cross and Bucks Cross, especially as he does not have to put them on his property and could site them on an already established wind turbine site and still gain the carbon footprint points he needs for his factory.

Not only is it an eyesore but it could affect the tourist industry as holidaymakers surely do not wish to enter the area of Horns Cross/Bucks Cross/Clovelly seeing these monstrosities.

We feel that if these turbines are allowed it will open a window for anyone else wishing to erect these things, spoiling the tourist area and nature beauty of North Devon.

Graham and Sandra Bromell


Western Morning News

26 February 2008

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