February 25, 2008
Denmark, Press releases

Energy agreement good news for wind turbines and air

“I believe this is a very constructive and ambitious energy agreement. The agreement means that we must plan for twice 75 MW on land in 2010 and 2011. In addition, turbines generating 400 MW are to be erected offshore by 2012. These are ambitious targets, but they recognise that it can be difficult to locate new wind turbines on land,” said Troels Lund Poulsen, Minister for the Environment (V).

He continued,

“We now have politically set targets for municipal planning of wind turbines on land. The agreement provides good opportunity for me to make a more detailed agreement with Local Government Denmark on how the task is to be managed. We have previously discussed the possibility of developing new incentives to promote municipal planning for wind turbines on land. I am convinced that the new agreement contains many positive incentives”.

The new incentives in the energy agreement include: a green fund, a guarantee fund, possible local joint-ownership, as well as a compensation scheme.

The energy agreement also contains good news for air pollution, as it involves a tax of DKK 5 per kilogram nitrogen oxide emitted by energy producers and enterprises.

“The new tax will help reduce emissions of nitrogen oxides in Denmark. We have an international target for 2010, and the new tax is an important part of reaching this. But the tax cannot stand alone. We have also initiated a study of the most cost-effective tools to reduce nitrogen oxides so that we can reach our target,” said Troels Lund Poulsen, Minister for the Environment (V).

Further information:
Thomas Hag, acting public relations officer, the Department, tel: +45 72 54 60 41 or +45 22 48 10 30

Sven Koefoed-Hansen, head of section, Agency for Spatial and Environmental Planning, tel.: +45 72 54 47 83

Ulrik Torp, MSc., Environmental Protection Agency, tel +45 72 54 44 71

Danish Ministry of the Environment

25 February 2008

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