February 23, 2008

Residents still angry at plans for windfarm

West Cumbrian residents are still angry at plans for a proposed windfarm at Dearham despite developers revising the plans.

Five, 106m turbines will be erected on the newly-named Fleeter Wood site if planning permission is granted.

A second consultation was held by Novera Energy at Dovenby Hall, Cockermouth, yesterday, showing the changes made to plans. The windfarm will now have five turbines instead of the previously planned eight.

A Novera Energy spokesman said: “We took into account what we had learned from the last consultation and it made sense to reduce the number of turbines in the area.”

Residents are still angry, saying their visual impact will still be harmful. They also believe their efficiency does not warrant the erection of a windfarm.

Dave Wood, 69, of Papcastle, Cockermouth, who is also vice chairman of Papcastle parish council, said: “Our parish council is totally against the windfarm ideas, not just this one at Dearham but all proposals.

“We are in danger of becoming surrounded by turbines which have a negative impact on our landscape.

“I am not even sure if the main reason behind these companies is to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. I think there are other, hidden factors.”

Ann Lister, 78, of Bridekirk, said: “The turbines need a lot of wind to run at 100 per cent and they will not get that here.

“They are very wasteful and the amount of cement they will need to hold them in the ground will not be doing the earth any good. They are not pleasant to look at either. They are only here for 25 years too, which is hardly enough time if the project is to be successful. I think the Government should move onto atomic energy.”

However, not everyone at the meeting was against the turbines.

John Wilson, 64, of Green Close Farm, Little Broughton, said: “If this proposal makes economic sense then why should we stand in its way?

“I am in favour of any form of energy that is renewable. I would rather have wind energy than other types of energy which are not doing our planet any good.”

The Novera Energy spokesman said: “We are not just about wind power. We should be looking to utilise all of our country’s natural resources. We live in a windy country and we have waves crashing onto our shores every minute of the day.

“I don’t even think that the turbines will have a negative affect on the countryside. I think they look elegant and graceful.

“When did making natural energy turn into a bad thing? Yes, we are a company who will be making a profit from the windfarm but I don’t think that our profit margin is too high.

“Our windfarm will produce enough electricity to power 5,500 homes for a year as well as saving 9,700 tonnes per year of carbon dioxide emissions.”

Novera Energy applied for planning permission last December and if Allerdale Council grant it, then work is expected to be completed by 2010.

n A further consultation is being held at Dearham Village Hall today.

By John Fuller

News & Star

23 February 2008

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