February 22, 2008
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Public should support efforts to 'slay this very ugly dragon'

“The facts about clean wind energy in St. Lucie County” by Florida Power & Light. What a complete joke this is.

These are the people who put that very ugly and dangerous nuclear plant in our backyard.

Forty-foot wind turbines constitute very heavy industry on some of the most valuable land in the United States. If you have ever seen the wind turbines west of San Francisco, Calif., they are very ugly. The people of California at least had the sense to put them in the boondocks. After about 10 years the turbines needed major maintenance. No one wanted to pay for the cost of maintenance because the government tax credits had dried up.

It was a major problem for a long time.

Back to our Florida situation: If you do the math on this $60 million folly, which will provide electricity to a mere 3,000 homes, the government and FPL – in lieu of this project – could provide a $20,000 incentive to 3,000 homes for solar panels on each home. This project would cause no blight whatsoever to this area. Of course, this would leave FPL without 3,000 paying customers.

Let’s all get behind St. Lucie County Commissioner Doug Coward and slay this very ugly dragon. It is a bad idea, in the wrong place at the wrong time. 

Howard Connolly

Jensen Beach


22 February 2008

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