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Wind energy is not the answer

There are two things that big utilities do not want you to know. First, is wind power will never make a measurable difference of electricity production in the United States compared to coal, nuclear and natural gas.

Instead of investing in clean coal technology or building nuclear power generation plants, they jump on the feel good “green is clean” band wagon and pour all this propaganda garbage down your throats and at the end of it all, make you, the taxpayer, pay for it. And the end result is you pay more in taxes and higher utility fees and prices.

The second thing they want you to think is the cost is absorbed by the advantages. Oh, really? Have you seen that gas prices are going down? Why? Because people are starting to conserve. It’s all about supply and demand and the threshold that Americans will take in their pocketbooks before they say enough is enough. Interesting reads for all readers: www.wind-watch.org/faq-costbenefit.php and www.aweo.org/faq.html

It is not a link to a bunch of technical garbage that you need a scientist and accountant and a politician for you to decipher. If Americans would learn to make their homes energy efficient, we could start having a say. Don’t by that line by these executives who say they are doing it for your benefit. They are doing it for their pocketbooks and their shareholders. Period.

Dale Anderson


Park Rapids Enterprise

20 February 2008