February 21, 2008

'Turbines would damage tourism for miles around'

An East Riding holiday park owner has said a 12-turbine wind farm near Beverley would damage tourism in the area.

As reported in the Mail earlier this year, plans for the 100m (400ft) high turbines resurfaced after developers appealed to the Planning Inspectorate to overturn the decision made by East Riding Council to refuse the application.

Pat Northgraves, owner of High Farm Country Park, which is next to the proposed site of the wind farm at Routh, near Beverley, said the plans could threaten local businesses.

He said: “Tourism is a key economic driver within the area.

“This business could be irrevocably damaged if the proposals proceed.

“It would put something at risk, which we built up from scratch and which relies on the natural resources of the region for its continued success.

“This risk is unacceptable.”

High Farm Country Park is a £4.5m development, which features a range of log cabins, holiday cottages and caravans.

Mr Northgraves has now resubmitted his initial objection to the plans, which were thrown out 12 months ago by the council’s planning committee.

The appeal, which was due to be heard in March, has now been postponed.

Mr Northgraves said: “I am anxious the council put their reasons forward in a manner that is accepted so it will not be an issue anymore.

“This scheme would decimate the landscape for miles around.”

Nigel Goodhew, director of applicants Ridgewind Limited, defended the plans.

He said: “We do not think it is the case the development would ruin the view. That is why we are appealing.

“It is an excellent area and falls within planning policy. It is very windy there and there are excellent grid connections.”


20 February 2008

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