February 21, 2008
New Zealand

Expert assures Raglan won't hear turbines

Noise from Wel Networks’ proposed Te Uku wind farm would never be heard in Raglan, an acoustics expert has assured a hearing considering the $200 million project.

Nevil Hegley, of Hegley Acoustics, was called to give further evidence in rebuttal of submissions made by project opponent Sean Cox and spent much of his 90-minute address discrediting Mr Cox’s statements. He concluded there was no valid noise-related reason to decline the application.

“You will never hear the turbines under any conditions in Raglan,” he said under questioning from the commissioners.

However, his assurance didn’t impress opposing submitters.

They later said it spoke volumes that Mr Hegley did not offer the same guarantee to those living in Waitetuna Valley, downwind of the 28-turbine Wharauroa Plateau project.

Meanwhile, electricity consultant Jim Truesdale told the hearing the project could avoid up to 168 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions annually.

He said carbon payback how long it would take for a new project to avoid emissions equivalent to its carbon footprint was difficult to estimate for a wind farm project. But whereas Mr Cox concluded it would take 7.8 years, Mr Truesdale worked out a period of just 7.5 months.

By Bruce Holloway

Waikato Times

21 February 2008

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