February 20, 2008

Anti-wind farm campaigners hit out at "skulduggery"

Anti-wind farm campaigners have hit out at the pro-wind farm lobby’s attempts to show “public support” for plans to build ten turbines north of Grantham.

Pro group SEA was in Grantham this week speaking to the public about the proposed project at Thackson’s Well, near Long Bennington, and asking them to sign letters of support.

Chairman of Belvoir Locals Opposing Turbines Pandora Mawer said using these tactics cannot form a true representation of public opinion.

She said: “Infinergy are continuing to resort to grabbing people in Grantham to sign up to the pro-wind ideology, even to the extent of asking them to sign a pre-printed letter to say the Thackson’s Well project should go ahead.

“No doubt these will be sent to the planning officer as proof of local approval. It is not proof of anything of the sort.

enerally, people shopping in Grantham have little knowledge of the proposals.

“I am sure they are pro-renewable energy, as most of us are, but the majority of them have too few details of the local issues to say yay or nay on the spot.

“Few people who approve of the proposal have actually taken the time to write a letter to the council, but over 1,000 people who are against it have.

“I have no doubt the validity and relevance of letters to the council is a point the councillors will take seriously. Infinergy surely doesn’t think they will be fooled by this con.

“Printed letters, signed in the street and sent en masse, have little meaning and I am sure the councillors are aware of the skulduggery that goes hand in hand with enormous profit.”

By Jo Hall

Grantham Journal

20 February 2008

URL to article:  https://www.wind-watch.org/news/2008/02/20/anti-wind-farm-campaigners-hit-out-at-skulduggery/