February 19, 2008

Md. sets hearing on wind power in Garrett Co.

The state Public Service Commission has scheduled a hearing March 6 in McHenry on the proposed downsizing of a Garrett County wind power project.

The change would shrink the project originally proposed by California-based Clipper Windpower from 40 turbines with a maximum output of 101 megawatts to 28 turbines generating up to 70 megawatts.

Under a state law passed last year, the project would then be small enough to avoid some of the public scrutiny that proponents say has hampered wind energy development in the state.

Two such projects were approved in 2003 but none has been built.

Opponents of wind turbine construction in the western Maryland mountains are questioning the legality of the proposed change.

Associated Press


19 February 2008

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