February 16, 2008
Letters, Pennsylvania

Wind turbines would ruin landscape

My husband and I consider Potter County to be very special with the vast forested land, the rolling farmland and the many ambitious people who are devoted to making the county a better place economically through self-sufficiency.

I am writing because we are concerned about the proposed wind turbines in Potter County. We feel that the Potter County Planning Commission and the Potter County Commissioners should do all that they can to prevent this.

We agree that wind energy has certain advantages over other forms of energy and it may be worth developing in certain parts of the country. However, corporate wind farm development is wrong for Potter County.

Installation of wind turbines in other, more-populated regions or in places where the natural landscape has already been scarred by coal mining, for example, would be more appropriate. However, in Potter County the environmental impact that these turbines would have on the landscape would counteract any environmental advantages of wind energy.

Wind will not provide electricity to Potter County, nor a sustainable economy, and it will arguably harm the county by intruding on the one thing we do have here – nature.

The natural beauty of the Pennsylvania Wilds is a huge draw to this region. Who would want to own a camp next to a wind plant?

Perhaps in other places where wind turbines have gone up, people are willing to sacrifice their environment. However, if wind farms would go up in our township, we would seriously begin searching for another place to live and certainly would have a very hard time selling our property.

Unfortunately, the Planning Commission has been very hesitant to make any restrictions on wind farm development in Potter County and the chairwoman is clearly in support of this development.

Despite this bias, we hope that our elected officials will not allow wind development to ruin the unique natural beauty of Potter County.

Denise E. Fedele


Endeavor News

16 February 2008

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