February 16, 2008
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Florida wind-power numbers don't add up

The math in your Feb. 12 editorial is certainly different from mine. Texas produces more than 4,000 megawatts of energy from wind power – more than 200 times greater than from the planned St. Lucie facility.

The 10th leading state produces nearly 500 megawatts, nearly 25 times the amount of the St. Lucie facility.

To produce the equivalent of Texas’ capability would require 200 St. Lucie facilities, or a total of more than 1,200 wind turbines, each 40 stories tall – even if they work.

Building the facility in Florida is nonsensical. I refer you to www.infinitepower.org/reswind.htm, which describes the Texas wind-generating capability.

Wind power is graded from 1 to 6, with 6 being the highest winds and producing the greatest energy. In Texas (and the other listed states) there are many locations with wind power indices of 4 and higher. It is absolutely feasible to generate power via wind under such conditions. It makes good sense.

This is not true in Florida.

The Web site – http://rredc.nrel.gov/wind/pubs/atlas/maps/chap3/3-36m.html – shows the average wind values in Florida range from 1 to 2 – the lowest indices, and not suitable for wind power. It does not make sense.

So why is Florida Power & Light recommending the construction? Follow the money trail.

Could FPL be receiving tax credits or subsidies for such construction, even if the power plants don’t work?

Rather than blindly following FPL, I suggest that you perform some independent research and evaluation. Ask some probing questions.

It only took me a short time to uncover these inconsistencies. Why didn’t you? 

Ray Kolar 

Grant 


16 February 2008

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