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Reconsider turbine noise calculation

I salute Joyce Gormel for her powerful and positive letter (2/11). It is encouraging to know there are people like Ms. Gormel who have done independent in-depth research into the worldwide scam (called wind “farms”) perpetrated on this nation.

All town officials in New York must be made aware of the documented medical and acoustical evidence which surrounds the turbine industry, but is withheld from public scrutiny. We here in Clayton are, like the citizens of Cape Vincent, struggling to protect our magnificent area families from the risks of infrasound and low-frequency noise (ILFN). Remember those initials, ILFN.

There are medically proven relationships between ILFN and Vibroacoustic Disease (VAD). The Canadian Renewable Energy Corporation (CREC), which plans to desecrate Wolfe Island, defines VAD as “a syndrome without any potential connection to wind turbines.” They are “unable to find any credible connections between wind turbines and human health impacts.” Nonsense! There is 80 years of concentrated medical documentation which refute that.

The same can be said of lawyers and town supervisors who refuse even to read that the Dba-weighting methodology used by PPM Energy is the wrong method to measure turbine noise, because it does not include the damaging ILFN ranges. It does allow the lawyers and supervisors (Lyme, for instance) to set short setback distances between turbines and the houses of area residents. They ignore the fact that ILFN can and does penetrate walls and windows. It has penetrated them since before the days of the Roman Empire.

Secondly, the setback distances should be measured between the turbines and the property lines, not the houses. The lawyers and supervisors do not own our property lines.

So, my hat’s off to Ms. Gormel and the other good people of both Clayton and the Cape who have the right of eminent research, and the courage and wisdom to use it. Together, we will win.

Thomas H. Murphy


Watertown Daily Times

15 February 2008