February 15, 2008
Letters, Maryland

If you think your electric bill is high now, just wait

Wind turbines are neither Dutch-picturesque nor cost effective in energy production.

Someone has to get across to the newspaper readers that as taxpayers, consumers and voters, they should be concerned.

The local citizenry should be alerted that the Delft blue chinaware type of windmills and these big wind energy turbines are comparing a gold fish to a shark. A shark is a big, white and predatory fish, not a small, pretty harmless pet – and a school of sharks would be scary.

Obviously, if it takes a lot of revolutions of fan blades to create usable amount, then the proper placement would be in areas of high velocity winds as the tornado alleys in Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas and Tennessee not to even mention (land of Oz) Kansas.

Texas is so big they can put them on the vast flat endless miles with no people or trees, and the noise would bother no one. Texas is doing some of the basic research, but, since, they already have the oil deposits, are not very interested.

If it were not so expensive just to convert the power to electricity, those areas would be vying for the placement on their turf.

Instead, we have bunch of entrepreneurs coming to Western Maryland’s 75 percent forestland, and not even asking but demanding to rip it apart in building roads and constructing these 40-story monstrosities,

Then, afterwards, we get to pay for it with our local, state and federal taxes, plus as consumers pay for the expensive final product of wind mill electrical power. If you think your electric bill is high now, just wait until you start using those unreliable generator’s product.

Allegheny Power was forced by the Maryland legislature to buy their product from alternate sources (wind) companies and it’s already on your bill.

Let’s just stop at that and make them leave our trees alone.

I would rather look at a strip mined mountain top without a row of turbines across the view, all busily chopping up the wild turkey and flocks of crows and sparrows who do not migrate but will chirp no more.

Dorothy K. Biggs

Cumberland Times-News

15 February 20

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