February 15, 2008
Letters, Wisconsin

A glaring example in countryside

When we moved here over 40 years ago, one of the things, besides being close to our work, was the beautiful landscape, farms, their beautiful pastures and rolling hills, wooded areas, lakes and wild life.

The other day when I had to go to Mt. Calvary, I thought to myself, this will be a nice drive as I hadn’t been out that way in quite sometime. Years ago when our children were still living at home, we often went to Fond du Lac and each time on the way home we could pick a different route home and enjoy the countryside and all the beauty it had to offer. Sometimes we went through Mt. Calvary, St. Peter or Johnsburg or around Wolf Lake. It was never a disappointment, that is, until this past week. What a rude awakening when I began to see all the wind turbines and I don’t mean a few but dozens of them in a very small area, a few mile radius.

People of Calumet County, take a ride and see for youself how the wind turbines have spoiled the once beautiful and serene countryside. Is this what we want to happen to our beautiful county? I sure hope not.

Thank you,

Karen Lackershire

Tri-County News

14 February 2008

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