February 13, 2008
Nova Scotia

Deputy warden questions C.B. wind farm proposal

ARICHAT – The deputy warden for Richmond County says he’s concerned that a proposed green energy project might do more harm than good.

Clair Rankin said Tuesday he’s skeptical about a wind farm that Cape Breton Explorations hopes to build around Bras d’Or Lake. At night, the energy from the 44 wind turbines would power underwater turbines in Lake Uist. The underwater energy would pump water into a highland reservoir.

But Mr. Rankin said local fishermen are concerned the turbines could disturb the temperature of nearby Grand River and hurt the salmon population, he said.

“These green concepts are supposed to help the environment, but this one here looks like it’s not going to be win-win,” he said.

Luciano Lisi, president of Cape Breton Explorations, told Richmond County municipal council Monday that a federal environmental assessment would be done before the project was approved. Lake Uist and Loch Lomond were to be the focus of that study.

Council asked Monday that the research also focus on the possible effect of the wind turbines on the Grand River. Construction is expected to start on the project in the fall, pending approval of environmental studies.

The ChronicleHerald

13 February 2008

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