February 6, 2008

MOD not objecting to planned wind farm

The Ministry of Defence has not objected to a planned wind farm near Grantham despite claims this week that military chiefs are opposing plans because turbines interfere with radar.

In a letter sent to planners handling the application for 10 turbines near Long Bennington, Defence Estates said the Ministry of Defence “has no objections to the proposals”.

They did say, however, that if the application was changed in any way they would need to be notified because “even the slightest change could unacceptably affect us”.

They also requested information on construction dates, height of construction equipment and grid references for every turbine (if the application is granted) as it “will be plotted on flying charts to make sure that military aircraft avoid this area”,

Air traffic management service NATS was also consulted on the application by South Kesteven District Council’s planners.

It commissioned a report into the potential effect the wind farm could have on its operations. This concluded that there would be no impact on navigational aids or air-ground voice communication systems.

The wind farm would be in range of seven of NATS’ radar systems, including ones at Claxby, Cromer and Stanstead.

But the report found the turbines would not affect them.

Grantham Journal

6 February 2008

URL to article:  https://www.wind-watch.org/news/2008/02/06/mod-not-objecting-to-planned-wind-farm/