February 3, 2008
Letters, New York

Get all the facts about wind turbine projects

(The following opinion was written in response to: Reader Opinions, “Attacks on wind farm are out of touch with reality,” by Bruce Banks, Herkimer Evening Telegram, Thursday, 1/17/2008)

A “fact” is the truth or actual existence of something, as opposed to the supposition of something or a belief about somethingThere are many suppositions in Mr. Banks opinions, but no facts.

1: Global warming has been identified. The absolute causes of global warming have not been determined beyond a doubt, other than it being a normal cycle of the earth over which we have no control. The issues caused by the industrialization of our planet, in the form of toxins introduced in land, water and air, ARE problems that can be addressed. There are no studies that I am aware of that prove that wind energy has – or will ever have – a positive effect on what the planet is doing.

2: Turbines require blasting and destruction of surrounding areas, including NYS’s fragile karst features and water supplies, for construction and access. Fossil fuels are used in abundance during this construction.

3: Turbines are not “free” of fossil fuels for their support. They are not benign entities.

4: Which studies support such an outrageous conclusion about wind energy replacing a like amount of fossil fuel? The NY Power Grid is also under fire.

5: Do the ‘very best wind resources’ benefit our communities or the energy companies?

6: The examples used to negate the noise issues are ludicrous.

7: Wind mills are not wind turbines. Visual representations of turbines and blades are highly stylized by wind turbine companies and supporters. What was the point here?

8. How is Mr. Banks’ opinion of Lake Otsego residents relevant to the discussion?

9. At meetings I attended, each speaker was allotted a certain time period. There were more opponents than supporters, therefore more total time was given to the opposition. At one meeting there was extra time left, and wind energy supporters were given another chance to speak.

The figures in the text of Mr. Banks’ letter are wild guesses at best, based on other guesses… no actual figures have been produced. Our PILOT agreement is still not final, although a signed PILOT agreement was to be in place before the permitting process continued. There is still no signed PILOT agreement for the Jordanville project, yet the permitting process was approved without it.

Readers, please investigate. Go online and study wind energy world-wide. Investigate the multi-level international business concerns, including Spain’s Iberdrola (who is funding the Jordanville project), and who is selling ignorant politicians and well-meaning citizens “feel good” phrases like green energy, renewable energy, carbon credits… Wind energy is the least efficient type of alternative energy for large-scale use. Read what the world thinks of wind energy at sites such as www.wind-watch.org that list ALL wind news daily, both pro and con. Read the entire text of the complaint filed 4/25/2007 in the NYS Dept of Justice Anti-Trust Division to learn who is pulling the pro-wind-turbine strings. Then draw your own conclusions.

Denise Como

Starkville NY


The Herkimer Evening Telegram

31 January 2008

URL to article:  https://www.wind-watch.org/news/2008/02/03/get-all-the-facts-about-wind-turbine-projects/