February 2, 2008
South Dakota

Governor proposes wind energy incentives

Gov. Mike Rounds would increase incentives for wind-energy farms in South Dakota.

The governor has proposed legislation, HB1320, that would would reduce property taxes on wind farm and add a “gross receipts tax,” most of which would be returned to the producer to build transmission lines and infrastructure.

Counties and other local taxing entities would get part of the gross receipts tax.

Rounds told reporters Thursday that the measure would make South Dakota wind energy more competitive with neighboring states. Tax breaks the Legislature approved in 2003 were no longer effective, he said, because of a sharp increase in the cost of building wind towers.

Rounds also is proposing legislation to give tax breaks for “anaerobic digesters” that convert methane from animal waste into electricity.

By Bill Harlan
Journal Staff

Rapid City Journal

2 February 2008

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