January 24, 2008

Wind farm to be built near Bratislava, local people protest

A wind farm made up of eighteen 150-metre-high windmills is due to be built in the village of Dunajska Luzna near Bratislava, it was reported on Thursday.

Many locals have raised objections to the construction of the wind farm. Partly as a result of public pressure, the local authorities have declared the project unacceptable, and are planning a protest meeting for Thursday evening. It is claimed that the wind farm wouldn’t only spoil the view, but would also endanger the local bird population.

According to chief executive of the Slovak Ornitological Society/Bird Life Slovensko Rastislav Rybanic, wind-power plants have a dramatic effect on local wildlife and the environment. The spinning blades emit negative vibrations, and so should be placed at least 1.5 kilometres from residential areas. A project of this scale also calls for a detailed study of its effect on wildlife, and especially migrating birds.

Lubica Trubinyova of the Bratislava Regional Environment Protection Association, however, views wind farms as a viable alternative source of renewable energy. According to her, in many areas where people at first took exception to such projects, the windmills have become popular tourist attractions.

She also stressed that the construction of every wind farm is largely dependent on the project concerned, and how it fits in with the local environment, including any possible damage to this.


24 January 2008

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