January 23, 2008
Letters, Wales

Fight will continue

The operators of Blaen Bowi windfarm have lodged an appeal with the Assembly against the decision to refuse the application to extend Blaen Bowi windfarm, which was reached following a democratic vote by the planning committee last September.

To the obvious delight of the majority of local people, the planning department had also recommended refusal.

I remember enquiring as to how the original windfarm had obtained planning permission and one of the statements made to me was: “That is how democracy works and even though the planning department had recommended refusal of the original application, the planning committee had voted to grant permission.” This statement came from one of the windfarm supporters.

However, we seem to have a situation that, when democracy works in your favour, that is great.

But when it does not, we appeal the decision and no doubt employ expensive lawyers to defeat the wishes of the majority of local people.

There are many outstanding complaints regarding the existing Blaen Bowi windfarm – not just noise complaints, but I will just cover noise in this letter.

These noise problems are known to the windfarm operators and the manufacturers of the turbines, and they are prepared to appeal a democratic decision, which appears to totally disregard the fact that some local residents continue to suffer the noise problems.

There are different noise problems depending where you are. We are mainly affected during the day, but if for example, you suffer with noise disturbance at night and cannot sleep, it will affect your health. That is a simple medical fact and not a myth.

I appreciate that much remedial work has been carried out to the turbines to try to rectify the faults, unfortunately without success.

How can any organisation and its supporters continue to ignore the people who have to suffer?

This attitude is certainly alien to the society I was brought up in. Fortunately, it is not typical of the overwhelming majority of local people.

Those of us who have to suffer will continue to fight our cause and although we cannot afford expensive lawyers, we hope we will be allowed to state our positions and ensure the truth is heard at a public inquiry.

I thank all the people who have expressed their support previously. Please feel free to contact me either direct or via the Blaen Bowi Action Group website, www.welshwindfarms.org.uk

John Roworth

Blaen Bran


South Wales Evening Post

23 January 2008

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